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When you’re facing the law and need representation, call Doug Walton of the Walton Law Office. He is a licensed and experienced criminal defense attorney in Evansville, IN, who can help you through your case. Doug Walton has extensive experience with criminal law and is the courtroom-tested attorney you can trust to advocate on your behalf. When going into the toughest battle of your life, you want someone who knows what they’re doing and has been doing it for a long time.

Since 2005, Doug Walton has been a criminal law trial attorney who has defended clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors at both the State and Federal levels. Contact him today to schedule your consultation and get the aggressive representation you need for a favorable outcome to your case. Doug Walton is an attorney who listens and is there when you need him.

Reliable Legal Representation

When it comes to any case, the importance of having a highly skilled lawyer is imperative. Someone who knows the legal system's ins and outs and can help you navigate the court process and hearings will better equip you for success. That’s why you can count on Doug Walton Law; his many years of experience make him an excellent choice for legal representation in Evansville, IN. The knowledge of your attorney will help you heighten your chances of a successful trial, and Doug Walton is the right choice to make.

Each case is different even if it falls under criminal law considering there is a broad spectrum of circumstances and actions that follow beneath the category. Working closely with you, Doug Walton is an attorney that will ensure every possible avenue is explored and give you the best legal representation possible. The most important point of any case is a fair trial, which is why having an attorney who knows how to handle dispute points made against their client and help the case through evidence is vital.

If you’ve been confronted with a criminal accusation, you can count on Doug Walton to give you highly effective legal representation. Contact him today with any questions or to book a consultation.

Doug Walton - Licensed Attorney in Evansville, IN

A Spanish-Speaking Lawyer You Can Count On

An arrest does not necessarily mean a conviction. A skilled and bilingual attorney like Doug Walton can help clients in all sorts of situations get their charges reduced or dropped, or receive a more favorable plea bargain. The nature of the charges and the evidence against you will be the determining factors, but the legal services provided by Attorney Walton can improve your chances of resolving your case to your advantage. He draws on his deep familiarity with the law and scrutiny of the procedural aspects to deliver an aggressive defense.

The hours and days following an arrest are tense and uncertain. However, with Doug Walton as your criminal defense attorney, you can trust that your case is in the hands of a tireless and committed advocate for your rights. He ensures you fully understand even the most complicated legal proceedings and the status of your case. If it comes time to either accept the State’s terms or go to trial, he gives you the guidance you need to make the decision.

Contact us for a consultation today. We defend clients from Evansville, Indiana, and Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Pike Counties.

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